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Real Estate Investing – Can you make it on your own?

Real estate is one of the highly profitable markets. In fact, it is a billion dollar industry and you can make as much money as you can as long as you are willing to put in the work. Anybody can become successful. In fact, some of the famous real estate personalitiesflipping houses on cash today don’t have any college degree. They just devote their time knowing the ins and outs of the business.

However, you have to be aware that real estate is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a structured system consists of various strategies and methods yield towards achieving time and financial freedom. The investing strategy you use should be in lined with your lifestyle or else you will not be motivated or you will find the work as more of an obligation than a leisure. Success in the real estate business starts with treating it as a form of leisure rather than a work that needs to be done.

After Repair Value

Are you the do it yourself buff? If yes, then the house flipping method is perfect for you. Are you a parent who wants to spend more time with your family? If yes, then property rental is perfect for you. You become the landlord and be able to enjoy passive income. You have to define your goals ahead of time and devise a personal realistic plan. Basically, that’s the key to real estate success.  It's important to know the AVR before you get in too deep with your investment plan.

The big questions is, “Can you make it in the real estate business on your own?”  In an attempt to save money, some people will handle the real estate investing process on their own. This works though provided you have professional training in the real estate investing. However, it is a very risky move and you surely don’t want to waste your time and hard-earned money. It is always a good idea to ask help from professionals. There are so many real estate investing courses out there where you can get first-hand experienced straight from the pro. You need to be aware though that not all courses are created equal. You can benefit a lot from a course that does not just provide jam-packed information but mentoring program too.

Doug Clark’s real estate events

Doug Clark is one of the successful and highly reputable real estate investors in America. He hosts real estate events that aim to help other people make it big in the real estate business.  Check out Doing Deals with Doug - Clark EDU for more information on his real estate investing strategies.

About us

Barnet Planning is a planning consultancy based in Barnet, North West London. We are a team of architects, planning consultants, architect technicians and designers who specialise in obtaining planning permission for many types of residential and commercial developments.

We are very knowledgeable with the planning system, the Barnet UDP (and LDF), as well as the London Plan and the newly adopted NPPF. We offer our clients a professional service, and at the same time we are very competitive.

Many of our clients want to increase value to their properties by obtaining planning permission for their extension/ conversion etc. Others are looking to expand due to high costs in relocating and exorbitant property prices.

Even if you are not ready to build your extension, we can help you get planning permission which will last for at least 3 years. Your property value will increase instantly which is ideal for home owners wishing to eventually sell.

Barnet Planning is a trading name for 4D Planning Consultants Ltd and is registered in the UK, company number 7277827

We are big followers of Dean Graziosi and Dean's Real Estate Weekly Wisdom which brings you weekly podcasts where Dean shares his tips, tricks, and secrets on Real Estate Investment.

Full planning application:

We undertake a property site assessment by looking into the history and context of the site and its surroundings. We research the local planning authority to establish what property uses have been proposed, accepted and refused in the past. We also examine the listed buildings register to ascertain whether buildings listed for their heritage value are affected by the planning proposal. Following the site and locality assessment, a site survey is carried out to gather all the dimensions and required information of the existing site. Usually within a week, all the existing architectural drawings are prepared. One of our consultants will discuss your ideas for the proposed scheme.

Once this is done, the proposed CAD drawings are prepared, and are forwarded to the client for approval. All the planning documents are prepared taking into account the adopted Local Development Plan, National Policies and the London Plan. Once everything is finalised and approved by the client, the application will be submitted to the local council for planning approval.

A full planning application includes:

- All existing drawings relevant to the project (Floor Plans, elevations, sections, site plans).
- All proposed drawings relevant to the project (Floor Plans, elevations, sections, site plans).
- A detailed Planning, Design and Access Statement
- Aerial Photo Survey and an Ordnance Survey Map
- Real Estate Investment training that will have Scott Yancey real estate seminars exposed.

Once planning permission has been granted, the CAD drawings are configured and adjusted to provide building regulations and detailed drawings for building control approval.

Case Studies:

change of use application from B1 to D1


Barnet Planning Consultants were commissioned to apply for planning permission for the Change of Use of an office at lower ground level to a Doctor's Clinic - consultation office. Following eight weeks of private and public consultation, Westminster City Council GRANTED Planning Permission for the Change of Use.

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change of use application from A1 to A1/A3

Dora's Cafe in Harlesden received a letter from Brent Council requiring them to apply for a Retrospective Planning Application for turning a former Jewellery Shop into a Cafe - Take Away. Barnet Planning Consultants prepared the application, and within weeks, Planning Permission was granted.

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change of use application in Islington

The freeholder of a residential house in the London Borough of Islington commissioned Barnet Planning Consultants to prepare a planning application to obtain planning permission for the conversion of an HMO dwelling into three self contained residential flats. The scheme also proposed a loft conversion.

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change of use and conversion to residential flats

The freeholder of a mixed use building with shops, flats and offices, commissioned Barnet Planning Consultants to prepare a Planning Application for the conversion of the first storey from B1 (Offices) to C3 (Residential), and to design a scheme that would fit three-four self contained flats. The scheme was granted planning permission by a committee, and Barnet Planning Consultants are in the process of negotiating with all the parties a Section 106 agreement.

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Mixed Use Planning Application in Camden

Barnet Planning Consultants were short-listed in a competition to design and prepare an Outline Planning Application proposal for a large regeneration development in the London Borough of Camden. The development includes luxury residential blocks, offices and affordable housing.

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Fire & Safety Plan for mixed use building in Tottenham

Barnet Planning Consultants surveyed and produced a fire plan and safety plan for a large mixed use development in Tottenham. We also produced lease plans for all the units.
Loft conversion and division of house into No. 2 self contained flats

The freeholder of a semi-detached house in Barnet commissioned Barnet Planning Consultants to prepare and submit an application to convert and extend the loft to create an additional two bedrooms. Once planning was granted, we submitted a second application to divide the house into two separate flats.

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